Cardio-vascular disease is the cause of nearly 42% of the deaths in Canada. Those most affected by the disease are between the ages of 45-60.

The most important risk factors are:
1- High blood pressure
2- Smoking
3- High cholesterol


Other risk factors are:
1- Obesity
2- Diabetes
3- Stress

· The Quality of the fat that you consume determines whether you improve or aggravate the situation. Saturated fats and transfats promote atherosclerosis. These fats are found in meat, fried foods, margarine, and in pastries. For example, a croissant contains more saturated fat than a steak.
· On the other hand, unsaturated fats are protectors. They are found in cold pressed, unrefined oils (sunflower, canola, flax, olive, UDO), raw nuts and oleaginous seeds.
· EFA’s (essential fatty acids) that are particularly good protectors are OMEGA-3’S. Increase consumption fish (salmon, sardines, tuna,) as well as flax seeds and oil.
· Eats lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic.
· Increase consumption of fiber rich foods: Legumes, whole breads,pasta, whole cereals and complete rice.
· Integrate tofu, soy and vegetarian dishes into your meals.
· Reduce consumption of coffee, alcohol, and sugar.

HEALTHY LIFE STYLE · Be active, go for a walk!
Stop smoking. After one year of not smoking, you can reduce the risk of cardio-vascular disease by as much as half.

OMEGA-3’S in liquid or capsule form, help prevent the blockage of arteries,
reduces the thickness of platelets, lowers triglyceride levels, and raises HDL levels (good cholesterol)
MAGNESIUM effectively helps regulate and stabilize cardiac rhythm. Magnesium also helps in lowering blood pressure and relaxing the arterial wall.
HAWTHORN is a plant known for its ability to improve the cardiovascular and circulatory system.
GARLIC Helps reduce hypertension and excess fats in the blood.
SILICA helps keep the elasticity and flexibility of the arteries.
CO-Q-10 Protects and strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system. Helps to normalize high blood pressure. Prevents oxygen deficiency in tissues.

Develop a joy for life! Laughing, smiling…happiness, are good for the heart. Just like your carrots and broccoli!

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