GHEE - Super food butter

Historically, butter was considered an important fuel source, perceived as food of the gods.  In recent decades, modern day fat-free culture, research and health initiatives have altered its reputation. When we imagine butter, we oftentimes relate it to undesirable terms such as #Cholesterol, #WeightGain, #Unhealthy and #LactoseIntolerance. 

Were you aware that there exists a healthier alternative to butter?  Ayurvedic tradition, linked to a system of medicine practiced for centuries in India, consumed ghee regularly because of its lactose free nature, while at the same time, boasting similar health benefits and that renown buttery taste.  


Ghee is the result of a long clarification which removes all milk solids, moisture and impurities from the butter.  Oftentimes, I recommend clients use ghee to compliment their protocols; specifically, for its benefits regarding gut health (leaky gut, Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis). Ghee’s Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFA) content is highly praised by health experts; Butyric acid counts for 60% of the fuel that promotes your intestinal epithelial cells.  In other words, this constituent helps repair and heal our intestinal lining.  Moreover, it possesses high levels of lipo-soluble vitamins that include vitamin A, D, E and K.  Taking ghee upkeeps your digestive tract by maintaining the population of friendly bacteria and stimulating your digestive enzymes.

Integrate this clarified superfood butter in your daily cooking thanks to its high smoking point (one of the highest! - 480F) or just simply use as a spread. For optimal gastrointestinal health, welcome ghee as a 'supplement' to your daily regimen alongside digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Toxins, such as herbicides and insecticides are lipophilic (bind to fat), hence the importance of sourcing from 100% Canadian organic butter. Ecoideas’ ghee is certified from ECOCERT, which ensures it to be free from herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics.  These toxic and chemical components can be fed to the cow, resulting in the contamination of their milk and other by-products (ie; butter).

Be sure to ask your family naturopath if ghee is right for you.

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