Keeping your 3 brains in balance is important to your well-being!

Did you know that the neurons that populate your brain are also nestled in your heart and intestines? Indeed, more and more studies confirm this!

The number of neurons in the brain is estimated to be around 100 billion. The heart has around 40,000 with a constant back and forth of neurotransmitters and its electromagnetic field would be 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain. The intestines hold approximately 400 to 600 million neurons, 100,000 billion bacteria, which is 10 times more than the number of cells in our body ... and they all work very well together.

According to Karen Jensen ND, author of Three brains: How the Heart, Brain and Gut influence Mental Health and Identity, we have 3 brains that communicate together through a neurotransmitter circuit. That's right, the brain is very receptive and responsive to what your belly and heart say, and the signals it sends back to your body depend on it.

To take care of these precious neurons, it is necessary to have certain practices daily. A healthy lifestyle and adequate supplementation will help your brain maintain an optimal state of health. For example :

We must avoid what hurts it the most:

1. Junk food
2. Dehydration
3. Chronic stress
4. Lack of sleep
5. Exposure to chemicals and pesticides

My favorite product to take care of our 3 brains is "DAILY BRAIN", an all-in-one supplement that includes 5 nutrients that are essential to our 3 brains. All the supplements are put together in a convenient bag, so you don’t need to buy 5 different supplements!


NATUROPATH’S FAVOURITE CHOICE - Keeping your 3 brains in balance is important to your well-being!

"DAILY BRAIN" contains:

1. Grape seed extract for its antioxidant properties that protect against cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline
2. Curcumin for its anti-inflammatory properties to protect the brain, heart and blood vessels, as well as the intestines
3. Phosphatidylserine for memory and concentration
4. Omega-3s to support the heart and brain functions
5. Plus, 10 billion of the strain Bifidobacterium longum BB536, the probiotic on which there is the most research for gastrointestinal health

This powerful combination provides nutrients known to help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia, depression and anxiety, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, while promoting healthy cholesterol, reducing inflammation and improving our skin thanks to its antioxidants.

As you can see, this all-in-one supplement is well balanced and goes well beyond brain health. In conclusion, I recommend  "DAILY BRAIN" for complete support of your cognitive health, to reduce physical and mental fatigue, and to improve the quality of your mood and sleep. Combined with a healthy diet with no processed foods, with moderate but regular exercise, your brain and body will say "Thank you".

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