& Spring Equinoxe

As we move away from winter and we enter into the spring equinox, we may or may not notice many different changes occurring all around us; the temperature slowly rising, the days getting longer the snow beginning to melt, the leaves sprouting forth from the naked branches of the trees, and the flowers emerging from the ground to embrace the light of the brilliant sun. It is important to note here how all of these things happen GRADUALLY and not SIMULTANEOUSLY. Most of us are even more determined to invite this wonderful season of renewal into our lives and finally be done with the dreadful snowstorms. However, this is the question that now arises. Without the icy, snowy, and rainy days, would we long for springtime as much as we do now?

Life is a series of transitions. From infancy to adulthood we pass through many doorways and pathways. To achieve this, we must learn to crawl before we can walk. Whenever we experience discomfort whether it be psychological, physical, or spiritual, we immediately hope that it will disappear and not confront it. I invite you to consider this. When the time comes for you to face an adversity, SAY that it is ABSOLUTELY NECCESARY for you to transition. SAY that it is all a part of your PURPOSE to undergo this transformational phase and that you will OVERCOME any obstacle standing in your way. Welcome the storm clouds into your homes! Embrace the snow, ice, and rain. Become friends with the darkness of the night for when the light of day reappears and shines through your bedroom window once again, you will certainly be grateful for its presence.

METAMORPHOSIS & Spring Equinoxe

Let's ask ourselves, what is joy without sadness, summer without winter, faith and hope without love? Take on the initiative to be more mindful and observant of the cycles of nature that occur, for it is certain that there is wisdom to be discovered within the mysteries of the earth if only we would allow our eyes to recognize it. Let us be inspired by the changes that the earth undergoes along with all of life that exists on it. Remember, you do not have to venture on your quest alone.

Our team here at Les Marches Tau are reminding you that our hands are extended, eagerly awaiting to receive yours. We are more than willing to assist you on this journey. If you've fallen into many unhealthy habits, we can help you get back on track. If you are battling with afflictions, anxiety and stress, our naturopaths are ready to offer you professional advice along with some of the best food and supplements on the market!

We may often feel that our life is a complex maze and we have found ourselves at a dead end.  However, if we SHIFT our perspective and accept that we MUST go through a certain amount of STAGES just like the caterpillar does before it becomes a butterfly, we will certainly understand that we are undergoing a wonderful transformation that will lead to our own metamorphosis.

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