According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, 50% of people will have or have had a mental illness by the age of 40. What’s even more alarming, 20% of people experience an episode of mental distress every year.

Based on these statistics, it is not excessive to say that the vast majority of people in our society are not totally shielded from experiencing mental illness issues caused by either periods of intense stress, fortuitous events, or simply poor lifestyle habits. Put another way, striving to achieve the major projects that are dear to us or investing heavily in the pursuit of our goals can be costly in terms of mental health.

In other words, stress is permeating our society. We therefore need to deal with stress as efficiently as possible. The foundation is of course what we eat, our lifestyle, our social environment and our physical condition. When these are under control, we can benefit most from roots and herbals to give us a boost in difficult periods.


AdrenaSense struck me as being an excellent formula for stress management for four reasons:
the benefits of the active ingredients have been scientifically demonstrated and widely documented, the product has a guarantee of conformity regarding the ingredients used, the doses are sufficient, and they use the right parts of the plants.

Here's, in a nutshell, what the ingredients in Adrenasense do:

  • Rhodiola has been shown to increase cognitive function in people who are fatigued or stressed (1)
  • Ashwagandha reduces both anxiety and cortisol (2) (3)
  • Siberian ginseng helps with physical energy and workout performance (4)
  • Schisandra increases antioxidant activity in the body and helps lower inflammation (5). High inflammation markers are being more and more linked with negative moods in the scientific domain. Schisandra is also used as a libido tonic in traditional herbal medicine, with anecdotal evidence supporting this claim.
  • Suma has not been very well studied amongst humans, but has shown to pack benefits across a broad range of health issues, notably improving inflammation markers (6) and enhancing libido in impotent rats (7).

An important note: each of the ingredients are classified as adaptogenic. Adaptogens have a few interesting characteristics. The most relevant ones here are that they help the body and mind to adapt to sources of stress, are generally very well tolerated even by people who are sensitive to herbals and roots, and work on a few different levels at the same time (nervous system: mind , endocrine: adrenals and thyroid, immune system).

I personally advocate that we should make decisions in life that bring about positive change that can lead to growth. Whether you're dealing with that, or with major stressors over which you have no control, or both, AdrenaSense might just help you surf that stress wave better.


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