Is it as important as Vitamin D for the absorption of calcium?

Have you been asking yourself if you should be taking Vitamin K2? Or why is it so often added to your Vitamin D3 capsules? What about in your Calcium? I am excited to finally clear it up by laying out the facts for you!

Primarily, vitamin K was discovered as an anti-hemorrhagic factor. Beyond it being recognized for its pro-coagulation activity, it has also proven itself in the realms of cancer, inflammation, regulation of calcium and growth in tissues. Researchers have also recognized Vitamin K as a gene activity regulator. In other words, it can turn on or turn off the expression of our genes.

Healthy bones and teeth with Vitamin K2
Studies have shown its powerful effect on maintaining and increasing bone density and preventing fractures by increasing Osteocalcin, a protein produced by our bone-building cells; Osteoblasts (which originate in bone marrow). The increase of this protein facilitates calcium-binding and deposition in our bones and teeth. Only when vitamin K activates it, (osteocalcin) can it then promote calcium to be deposited.

In recent years, the benefits of Vitamin D and calcium have been a focus in the conversation around bone health and osteoporosis. For best results, it is essential that all the factors in play be considered. If Vitamins D and A help the production of osteocalcin, it is really Vitamin K that makes it accessible, that activates it.

The role in tooth decay is similar: Osteocalcin and MGP (Matrix Gla Protein, a protein dependent on Vitamin K) are produced by the dentin in our teeth, if there is enough vitamin K2 in our salivary glands. After the pancreas, the highest concentration of the menaquinone vitamin (K2) in the human body is in the salivary glands!

According to the observations of a group of dentists with a holistic approach, adding Vitamin K2 changes the quality of our saliva. In people with dental cavities, their saliva can rob their teeth of minerals which hinders the maintenance of their teeth. Based on an experiment, when the same cavity-prone patients were supplemented with Vit K2, minerals moved from the saliva to the bone tissue, not the other way around!

VITAMIN K2 Is it as important as Vitamin D for the absorption of calcium?

Diabetes and Vitamin K2
Knowing that the pancreas has the second highest concentration of Vitamin K2 in the human organism leads us to understand its importance in adult-onset diabetes. This new star vitamin has shown promising effects, mostly in animal models, for its effects on insulin resistance.

Vitamin K2
Make sure that you choose a natural form of Vitamin K2 extracted from the fermentation of natto (MK7 menaquinone-7). Innovite Health is one of the brands that offers you this vitamin in the form of drops or capsules, as well as combined with Vitamin D for better results for your bones and teeth’s health. For more advice, ask your naturopath!


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