« to reduce the risk factors »

The global pandemic has turned our focus on prevention! On the precautions to take to avoid getting infected and contaminating other people and, on the need to have a good immune system.

Some are worried ...

The five continents are affected. So yes, it is serious! This pneumovirus is truly virulent and its alarming nature comes from the fact that it is very easily transmitted and it can cause severe symptoms.

Why another article on the subject?

To support you in your desire to be pro-active in a prevention approach. Every person reacts differently. Some people are very anxious and afraid, others take it lightly, sometimes too lightly, but many of you follow the essential basic instructions: distancing, confinement and hand washing, 10, 20 and even 30 times a day. A high percentage of the transmission is caused by touch! Have you noticed how many times you touch your eyes, nose and mouth in a day!!!

# 1 rule to respect = distancing, confinement and hand washing

Many viruses target the respiratory tract. This is the case of cold and flu viruses which are still very present in our environment. There are more than 200 cold viruses and many variants of the flu virus. Although new viruses are emerging, cold and flu viruses are in circulation each year and will be in circulation next year. To get to the lungs, all the viruses that target lung cells must pass through a first obstacle made up of the nasal cavities and sinuses.

The cells that make up the mucous membranes of the airways are called ciliated epithelial cells because their surface is covered with tiny hair like structures (that resemble eyelashes) that act like brushes to pull secretions from the airways, microorganisms and waste products out. There are two layers of protective mucus on these cells designed to prevent microorganisms or other particles that we breathe from entering the lungs.

Drinking a lot of water is important for general health, but also to avoid drying up of the nasal passages. The heating in our homes dries out these mucous membranes and water is essential for making this protective mucus.

When a virus that has a very high affinity for receptors in lung cells contaminates the lungs, an immune reaction is triggered. If the immune system is able to respond and clean it quickly, the infection will only last a few days or maybe a few weeks. Otherwise, the inflammation and resulting damage can be much more severe.

IMMUNITY and CAUTION « to reduce the risk factors »

Immunity is something you build daily. In conventional and social media, we praise the benefits of certain vitamins, nutrients and plants with antiviral properties. These supplements can play an excellent supporting role, but remember that your diet, the quality of your sleep, how you manage your anxiety and stress are all important elements to maintain optimal immunity ... and cannot replace distancing, confinement and hand washing!

Here are some dietary supplements to consider in a prevention approach:

Vitamin D is essential for immune health… until you can be more exposed to natural sunlight.

Winter is not completely over yet and the lack of sun has affected us all. There is growing scientific evidence that low levels of vitamin D increase the risk of respiratory and viral infections.


Bees use propolis to sterilize their hives. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties make it an excellent product for the whole family.

Propolis-based lozenges and throat sprays are particularly useful for calming irritation, especially in the presence of a dry cough.

Natural Factor’s Anti-Viral Formula

It has a unique composition of five ingredients:

- Standardized extract of fresh organic Echinacea plants. Echinamide is a patented, clinically proven product that guarantees high levels of the active components of Echinacea responsible for its effects on the immune system.

- Astragalus, a plant widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to prevent respiratory tract infections, whether viral or bacterial.

- Lomatium, a native American plant whose active compounds have antiviral properties mainly used in respiratory infections and diseases.

- Reishi, a medicinal mushroom that complements very well the antiviral action of the formula.

- Licorice for its anti-inflammatory properties.

There are other supplements that could be on this list. It will be discussed in the coming weeks, as well as other prevention tips to integrate into your daily life.

No one has a choice. Be responsible! This period of crisis is conducive to personal… and collective reflection!

Let’s stay in touch next week… to continue thinking together!

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