Immunity and general well-being

If there is an essential supplement these days, it is probiotics! An essential element in order to optimally support the effectiveness of the immune system.  Did you know…

  • Up to 80% of our immune system can be found in our gut. Our gut microbes and immune cells are in constant communication.  Probiotics help reinforce and modulate the immune system by supporting natural killer cells, our frontline defenders.
  • A healthy gut plays a critical role in developing a robust immune system for kids, too!
  • Stress has been shown to increase susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Probiotics can help us maintain a healthy mental outlook and keep stress in check during stressful periods!
  • One study found that taking oral probiotics can change the microbiome all the way up to the nasal cavity.

In addition, regular consumption of probiotics facilitates better digestion (gas, bloating, etc.) and better elimination while providing you with increased protection against microbes, viruses and other pathogens.
Just one capsule each day will seed your gut for a difference you can feel!

PROBIOTICS: Immunity and general well-being

Other tips for Immune support

Nutritional gaps
Eat colourful plant foods high in dietary fiber and rich in polyphenols. Not only are these foods rich in vitamins and minerals, they also contain abundant levels of “prebiotics”!

Ditch the sugar
In one study, participants who consumed sugary drinks had immune system performance drop 50%.

Stress less
Studies show that stress and immune function are linked, and some studies have made connections between university students, exam stress and low immunity.

Get into self-care
“Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. Figure out what makes you feel at ease and then make sure you schedule time for it every week!” -Joy McCarthy

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