The flu is a viral ailment that affects the respiratory airways accompanied by symptoms such as fever, body aches and pains as well as headaches, all arising in various degrees. A person who has the flu is contagious for about a week. This ailment will develop within a few days following infection and should last anywhere between 3-10 days.

The two most widespread flu viruses today are the AH3N2 known to be very aggressive and AH1N1, more contagious and just as dangerous.



In 2007, the flu shot proved to be effective in only 44% of cases in Canada. In France, an even lower rate of 23% was reported. A Canadian study led by Dr Sumit R. Majumdar from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, published in 2008, showed us that in the 704 hospitalized flu and pneumonia cases affecting the elderly, the fact of being vaccinated or not against the flu had no bearing on the outcome of the infection

(death or other). A more controlled testing environment with placebo would be needed to determine its effectiveness. For now, only one study has been performed in the Netherlands, over 15 years ago, which proved an almost void effectiveness of the flu shot.

In addition, the rate of vaccination in the US between 1968 and 2001 sky rocketed from 15% to 65% without having any bearing on the total number of flu related deaths in the hospital.

On the rise at the moment are the cases of autism and neurological diseases in young children, and this is of great concern. Everywhere around the world, doctors, parents and therapists wonder about the amount of mercury based additives found in multiple dose vaccines such as the flu vaccine. Other additives such as aluminum hydroxide, Neomycin (an antibiotic) and formaldehyde (known to be carcinogenic) are often found in vaccines.

A well balanced immune system supported by healthy life style and good hygiene is your best line of defence against the flu. Wash your hands regularly, throw out Kleenex in the garbage instead of putting them in your pocket get’s an excellent grade.

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