Need a little

pick-me- up

Deprived of sunshine and stressed by our cold winter months, weakened by infections, colds, Gastro, Sinusitis, and a lingering cough, you are beginning to feel terribly worn out. The end of winter is possibly the most taxing period of the year.

Recuperate and refuel your energy level

Trends come and go, new products constantly emerge on the market, yet only a handful has real staying power. These are bee products, notably royal jelly, propolis, pollen and ginseng.

Need a little pick-me- up

Royal jelly

In the bee kingdom, the Queen bee has an approximate life span of 5 years, while the worker bees pass away at approximately 6 weeks! The answer to this mystery is a simple one. The Queen bee consumes royal jelly while the worker bees are deprived of this substance. Royal jelly is one of the best energy foods available.


Manufactured by bees to protect the beehive from microbial invasions, propolis acts as a natural antibiotic for humans. The antiseptic, antimicrobial and antiviral properties of propolis make it an ideal recovery tool for those individuals worn out from winter illnesses as well as a preventative option in order to avoid relapse.


Pollen harvested by bees doesn’t provoke allergies. It is rich in B vitamins and is a valuable nutrient for the nervous system.


Ginseng is one of the most commonly used tonic for those who live in the ‘’fast lane’’ and those recovering from infections. It is described as an adaptogen, a substance which increases the body’s ability to adapt to stress. Cold and winter illnesses add great stress to the organism.

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