The cold is starting to have an impact and so does the fatigue linked to the lack of sunlight.  The Holiday season is upon us, which means outings, shopping, and gathering with family and friends.  The reunions handshakes, hugs and kisses are favourable to the spread of winter ailments, especially if you are tired.    In these conditions, how can we prevent infections?

PREVENTION every day for the whole family:

  1. Probiotics.  Gotta make do with what we’ve got!  To win the fight against pathogen bacteria, a daily dose of probiotics acts by maintaining a healthy intestinal flora and by adjusting the immune system. 
  2. Vitamin D, because it supports the immune system and helps to prevent contagious respiratory infections.
  3. A good multivitamin to fulfill you nutrition needs, especially if you are tired, are sleep deprived or if you don’t have a balanced diet.


  • Echinacea has proven its worth in terms of prevention and treatment of respiratory infections, but one needs to choose a good product (organic, fresh plant, certified by research).  As a preventative method, once a day will keep infections away.  If by misfortune you feel symptoms of a cold or flu, you have to act as soon as the symptoms appear and take Echinacea every 2-3 hours to stop the infection.
  • Elderberry extract is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the immune system.  A quality elderberry extract could, according to some clinical studies, inhibit the spread  of certain viruses.  It is effective to use elderberry extract with Echinacea at the start of a respiratory infection.
  • Essential oils with anti-infective properties.  Among the antibacterial essential oils, oregano deserves careful consideration.  In vitro studies have shown that oregano essential oil had the most intense activity against almost all bacteria and yeast tested.
  • Garlic is an antibacterial product that can help you lower the frequency of colds and infections.

To reinforce the immune system is the best way to protect oneself effectively against “super bacteria” that reappear every winter.  On top of supplements that will help you go though winter in good health, don’t neglect the following factors:

  • DIET:  Food nourishes us but can also intoxicate us, weaken our immune system and have harmful effects on our health!  Did you eat your 6-10 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables today?  If these foods are not part of your diet, start with 2 portions a day and increase your portions every week.  It is preferable to choose organic fruits and vegetables.
  • SLEEP:  Time dedicated to sleep is essential to maintain a good physical and mental health, as well as maintaining an immune system resistant to winter’s ailments.
  • STRESS, especially if chronic, can lower the immune system’s response.  Plan a daily 30 minute walk.  The fresh air and moving are two elements that act in a positive manner on the immune system and help reduce the negative effects of stress.
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