Vacations are coming to an end!  Back to school, for some and the daily ‘’rat race’’ for others.  Planning, discipline and stress back! The high performance months have begun and demand as much from our mental as well as our physical stamina. Our cognitive faculties are in full throttle and our physical health has to be maintained.  We tell ourselves:  “I can’t afford to get sick!”

With this in mind, it is imperative to eat regular healthy meals in order to nourish brain and body in order to prevent diminished concentration and memory and to sustain a strong immune system.


The brain is all about the firing of neurons and this essential activity is directly linked to glucose maintenance (insulin) and the quality of fat of the brain cells.

High sugar consumption impacts blood sugar (glycemic) levels lower energy levels, concentration and the quality of sleep.

  • More than 60% of the brain is comprised of DHA, the principal substance in Omega 3. Unfortunately, this essential fatty acid is barely present in most of our foods. It is hence essential to add a good concentration of Omega 3 to our diet in the form of supplements.


Maintaining your physical endurance by supporting the immune system:

  • Make sure you get sufficient hours of sleep;
  • By taking probiotics daily to help stimulate your own immune system by increasing the activity of your good bacteria inhabiting your intestinal flora and protecting you from infections;
  • When needed add some Vitamin C, known for its antioxidant and anti-infection properties, as well as for regulating the adrenal gland which helps fight fatigue.

Need to increase your energy? Select a superfood for a great reboot!
Greens, hydrolyzed soft roe herring and food based organic multi-vitamins are just a few examples.
Have you noticed, that is always when we are extremely exhausted, when we tend to “fall” sick, or, feel depressed.
The more we increase our stress levels, that is the time when it is extremely important to nourish our bodies and to help support our immune system, and maintain a harmonious balance mentally and physically.

Hydrolyzed soft roe herring is a superfood which can fulfill numerous nutritional needs. This fish was specifically selected for its numerous nutrients and because it contains next to no mercury or other heavy metals.
It nourishes the nervous system and acts effectively against fatigue, stress and depression. This superfood has no side effects and is recommended for all ages. It can be consumed daily and never overload our system.

Greens are loaded with nutrients and are powerful anti-oxidants. Which helps alkalize the body, helps maintain a good PH level, and helps prevent acidity, a common current health issue caused by stress and poor nutrition.

New whole food and organic multi-vitamins helps enable optimal absorption and bio-availability.

For renewed energy, include superfoods in your meal plans!

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