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Do I need to create an account to order?

Yes, an active account is needed for any orders done on the website. This avoids any issues with address errors and other factors.

Is my TAUTALE membership card linked to my online account?

Currently, the loyalty program and online orders account are not linked. Clients may go into any of our stores to accumulate and redeem points. We hope to provide this option in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I use a TAU gift card or physical coupon to pay for an online order?

Gift cards and physical coupons can only be utilized in-store

How are payments processed once an order has been finalized?

Once a client finalizes an order, they will receive a confirmation email. Employees will then prepare the order, and if any products are unavailable for delivery, they will modify the order and finalize it in our system. Once this is done, clients will receive a second invoice showing any missing products, only after this has been done will clients be charged, so no refunds will be necessary for products that were unavailable.

How to modify, refund, cancel an order?

Once an order is finalized at the confirmation page, no new products can be added to the order. If a client wishes to have more products included in their order, they may create a new order and contact us by email, we will have the two orders merged and the second delivery fee refunded. Cancellations can be done anytime before delivery begins the next day. Refunds can be done at anytime. For all issues, please contact ecomm@marchestau.com

Is it possible to choose which fruits and vegetables are added to my order?

Clients will not be able to choose out exactly which fruit or vegetable they receive. That being said, at Les Marches Tau, quality is of utmost importance to us. Our qualified team will make sure to choose the best quality produce available at the time, and if there is none available, we will remove the item from your order.

Do all product prices and inventory on the website match all Marches Tau store prices and inventory availabilities?

The prices shown on Marchestau.com are guaranteed solely for online orders.. Please be aware that prices may vary between our website and individual stores. Prices within stores may be lower or higher due to close dates, local deals, and other variables. Les Marches Tau is not required to match prices between online and store prices. All item prices shown in our flyers are guaranteed in-store and online. Inventory online is based off of our Blainville location solely, and is delivered from there as well. thank you for your understanding.

How does the Tautale card work?

Basic information on our loyalty program can be found in the Loyalty Program Tab located in the above menu of our home page. For more detailed information, please consult the Conditions of Use page or Tautale FAQ page. The sign up and log in page can be found there as well as well as the top of the home page. For any further clarifications, please contact us at Tautale@marchestau.com

Are substitutions available?

We currently do not offer substitutions.