Peanuts & tree nuts free Dairy free Egg free Lactose free Suitable for vegans Freedom in your plate! Lunch box safe ! Source of omega 3 Transfat free Source of fiber Discover all of our products at: Try our delicious snacks & desserts ! Ange Gardien GUARDIAN ANGEL Ange Gardien PASSION Ange Gardien BERRY AVALANCHIE Ange Gardien MAPLE PLEASURE Ange Gardien BROWNIES Ange Gardien 6 muffin bars oats & raspberry 252 g Ange Gardien 6 muffin bars intense chocolate 252 g Ange Gardien 6 muffin bars banana & chocolate 252 g Try Délices Complices: free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts etc. DC Délices Complices Chicken Pie DC Délices Complices Meat Pie

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