Beanoriginal ™ Farm to bag Beanitos™ Super. Powerful. Beans.™ 7 g fibre per 50 g serving It's good bean' simple At Beanitos™ we love simplicity. We know that being straight-forward and candid is always better than complicated, complex, or convoluted. And that's why we're so serious about the simplest of things. Like doing good and being the best human you can be. Like showing more love, giving more likes, and letting more people in. Simple is also the reason we never put any gluten, corn, or nasties in any of our chips. Because less in always more, and when you witness what's possible with only simple ingredients, we think you'll agree. So grab a bag of pintos and give it to the people. Clinically tested as low glycemic index by GI Labs Inc. Certified gluten-free by the GFCO. Beanitos™ Born in Austin - TX Est. 2010 Good for the planet Made from a sustainable crop Beans return nutrients to the soil Main Bean variety Pinto Bean origin USA Flavour notes earth and savoury Sourced from American farmers Good for people High source of fibre All the fibre - without all the toots Non GMO No preservatives Vegan Gluten free Find the good at

High source of fibre

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