Bean Original™ Farm to bag Beanitos™ Super. Powerful. Beans.™ 7 g fibre per 50 g serving Vegan It's good bean' a friend Compadres, my peeps, amici, vänner friends... Life is richer when you can share it with those around you. And bringing people together for good times is what our chips are all about. Not only is this the perfect snack to share with the crew, but these bean chips get even better with their BFFs, sure you've heard of 'em: queso, salsa, and guacamole. Now that's one tasty bunch. So grab a bag and then grab a couple friends. This is more than just a strong bond; this is the ultimate friend chip. Clinically tested as low glycemic index by GI Labs Inc. Certified gluten-free by the GFCO. Beanitos™ Born in Austin - TX Est. 2010 Good for the planet Made from a sustainable crop Beans return nutrients to the soil Main bean variety Greath Northern Flavour notes delicate with notes of nuts Sourced from American farmers Good for people All the fibre - without all the toots Find the good at

High source of fibre

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