Bob's Red Mill® Wholesomely Yours® Bob Moore Grains-of-Discovery™ The traditional grain of Ethiopia Add a little adventure to everyday meals with teff, a tiny whole grain that has been a staple of traditional Ethiopian cooking for thousands of years. Teff is a gluten-free food with a mild flavour, unique texture and great nutritional value. An employee-owned company Circa 4000 B.C. Tested and confirmed gluten free in our quality control laboratory. Teff is the smallest grain in the world. Originating in Africa thousands of years ago, it has long been an important food for highland Ethiopians, who use it to make everything from bread to beer. With a mild, nutty flavour and lots of iron, whole grain teff is a great addition to porridge, stews, pilaf or baked goods. Here at Bob's Red Mill, we're always exploring the world in search of new whole grain adventures, and we invite you to join us in discovering these grains of antiquity. I hope you enjoy their unique flavour and texture as you add a delicious twist to your favourite recipe. Wholesomely yours, Bob Moore

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