Mystique Coffee Light Medium Guatemala Tajumulco Filter Grind 300 g

Mystique Coffee  Light Medium Guatemala Tajumulco Filter Grind 300 g

Snappy acidity, medium body with a slight hint of spice. Specialty coffee roaster We at Mystique Coffee have made our mission to render the coffee business more transparent. We have been one of the pioneer companies to promote "Fairtrade Certified" in Canada. We have established through our worldwide travels a direct, transparent and a long lasting relationship with the coffee producers. Today we are going even further in continuing our efforts of pursuit, by offering "relationship coffee" to all concerned. In buying this "Fairtrade Certified" product, you will be helping the small coffee producers to develop a better future for themselves and their families. This coffee is also "organic". During the entire process of the green coffee and the roasting, the used technique respects all the current standards of "organic certification". Our coffees are "Specialty Grade"; less than 10% of the coffees produced in the world are "Specialty Grade". In order to merit "Specialty Grade" coffee designation, the coffee has to be of arabica type, grown at an altitude of more than 1 200 meters, should be hand picked selectively and its roasting has to express all the flavors and aromas of the region. The "Specialty Grade" coffee therefore is an assurance of quality and Mystique Coffee's goal is to live up entirely by this promise. Certified organic by TCO Cert

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