Tired, depressed, at the end of your rope!

- Bring life and energy back to "every cell of your body" -

By Lise Guénette, ND.A.
Member of the Association des naturopathes agréés du Québec

For many people, waking up tired in the morning and staying tired all day has become "a new way of life »!
It's perfectly normal to be tired after a long day of physical or mental work, or if you've had a bad night's sleep. However, if after several hours of sleep or after a long weekend of rest, you still feel exhausted, at the end of your rope, this is not normal!
Fatigue: "one symptom" - many causes!
What hinders the renewal of your energy?

  • The quality of your food?
  • Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep?
  • Stress that is difficult to manage and that comes back day after day?
  • Lack of exercise?
  • Poor oxygenation?
  • The lack of sunlight?
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine, sugar or stimulants?
  • Physical pain?
  • The illness, whether temporary or chronic?

In fact, there is some truth to all of these answers. However, without overindulging and living a relatively healthy life, some people just can't seem to find better energy.

Where to start?
Each person is unique, but if fatigue is accompanied by anxiety or depression, sleep problems and/or physical pain, these symptoms should not be ignored. On the contrary, they should be taken into consideration and may require medical attention.
It is not easy to determine the level of fatigue and often you will be told that you need to learn to manage your energy and better spot the warning signs of fatigue. It is Frustrating to live like this! It's true!
First of all, do you know where the "power plants" are located in your body?
To answer this question, you need to take a trip to the world of the infinitely "small", because these energy generators exist inside each of the cells of your body.
They are called "mitochondria" and there are hundreds, even thousands of them in each of the cells that make up all your tissues, all your organs.

  • They breathe the oxygen you breathe!
  • They use the food you eat and turn it into energy!
  • When they produce a lot of energy, you have a lot of energy and are able to handle the stresses of life more easily!
  • At that moment, you say to yourself ... life is smiling on you! because every day, you look forward to your day.
  • All this depends on the energy that the mitochondria of your cells produce! They are the source of your Energy!

Are your mitochondria breathing well? Are they eating well? Are they recovering well?
Because lack of energy is a dream killer, it is surely time to change some of your behaviors, to adopt better lifestyle habits to give life back to every cell in your body.
All this is done one step at a time and is within everyone's reach.
To find out more, learn how to better feed your mitochondria and improve their function.

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